1. Give the two types of plant constituents, define and give examples.

2. Differentiate pharmaceutically active and pharmacologically active constituents and give examples.

3. Differentiate primary and secondary metabolites. Elaborate.

4. Define biogenesis.

5. Define metabolic pathways.

6. Define primary metabolism and give sample metabolites.

7. What are the metabolic processes/pathways that is involved in the degradation of carbohydrates and sugars?

8. Give the intermediates and pathways where the most important building blocks employed in the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites are derived.

9. Enumerate the eight building blocks that form the basis of many of the natural product structures (carbon and nitrogen skeleton of a natural product).

10. Give the precursors of the ff: phenylpropyl unit, Indole.C2N, heterocyclic pyrrolidine (C4N), and piperidine (C5N).

11. Give the five groups of plants hormone (growth regulators), their effects in plants and effects in the formation of secondary metabolites.

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