2. [-/10 Points] DETAILS WANEFMAC7 12.2.013. MY NOTES PRACTICE ANOTHER Assume that it costs a company approximately \[ C(x)=784,000+160 x+0.001 x^{2} \] units What is the resulting average cost of a device? $\$$ How does the average cost compare with the marginal cost at the optimal production level? Find how much they differ. $\$$ Need Help? Read It Talk to a Tutor 3. $[-/ 10$ Points $]$ DETAILS WANEFMAC7 12.2.019. MY NOTES PRACTICE ANOTHER the vegetable patch with the largest area I can enclose? HINT [See Example 2.] north and south sides $\mathrm{ft}$ east and west sides $\mathrm{ft}$ Need Help? Read It Talk to a Tutor

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