to incresse the power faclor fom al average of $70 \%$ to $90 \%$ by onnecting four of $15 \mathrm{KVAR}$ power condensers which can be procured at $\mathrm{P} 1,500.00$ each and gan a mortliy saring of $\mathrm{P} 150.00$. the installation cost $\mathrm{P} P 500.00$ 10\% compounded ancualy, how long will he pouec cordensers pay for thensehes? 30 years. Nairienanco costs are estimated to be $P 24,000.00$ a year for the fist 15 years and $P 42000$.00 for the second 15 years the end of 15 years, the chvented will be completed at an estimaled oss of $P 7,500,000.00$. Mainterance osst would be $P 16,800.00$ a year duning the firs 15 years and $P 36,000,00$ for the second 15 years

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