2.12 Economists estimate that the variable cost of production of electrical energy in the Bordurian electricity market is given by the following expression: \[ C(Q)=20000+500 Q+10 Q^{2}+0.001 \mathrm{e}^{(Q-85)}(\$) \] where $Q$ is in MWh. They also estimate that the demand curve for electricity is given by the following expressions: For the hour of maximum load : $Q=110-0.0025 \pi(\mathrm{MWh})$ For the hour of minimum load : $Q=50-0.002$ (MWh) where $\pi$ is the price in $\$ / M W h$. Determine the following quantities at the market equilibrium for the hours of minimum and maximum load: a The quantity traded b The market price c The revenue collected by the producers d The total variable cost of production for all the producers e The economic profit collected by these producers f The aggregated net consumers' surplus g The price elasticity of the demand.

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