A series of experiments shows that oil content in a diploid grain is influenced by five genes ( $a$ through $e$ ) with additive alleles. The highest-producing strain has $30 \%$ oil content; the lowest has $10 \%$. A plant of unknown genotype has an oil content of $22 \%$. What is a possible genotype for this plant (+ = additive alleles)? $a+a+b+b+c c d e e$ $a+a+b+b c c d d e e$ $a+a+b+b+c+c+d+d e+e$ $a b+b c+c d+d+e+e+$ $a+a+b+b+c+c+d+d e e$

Two distinct species of organisms breed and create a hybrid. The hybrid was the result of nondisjunction during meiosis I for both of the parent species. The hybrid organism's genotype would best be described as Autotetrasomic Allotetrasomic Autotetraploidic Amphidiploidic or allodiploidic Autodiploidic

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