A strong performing manager with 30 years of service is discovered taking a soda from the cafeteria each afternoon without paying for it. He is warned that continuing this behavior could lead to his termination, but he continues taking sodas from the cafeteria. What action would you take? Terminate the manager for stealing. Make the manager pay for the sodas he was witnessed stealing. Explain to the manager why it is important that he adheres to company policy on this issue. Take no action because of his proven performance. Issue another warning to the manager and tell him that he will be terminated if his behavior continues.

The members of a team you are leading have very specific responsibilities that do not overlap. Occasionally a team member is pulled away briefly to handle other company functions, delaying your team's work because that team member's tasks cannot be completed. Your team members have in the past expressed reservations about being cross-trained on each other's responsibilities. What would you do? Use temporary workers to fill in for team members when they are pulled away to handle other company functions. Implement a program to train the team across job responsibilities, indicating that the needs of the team outweigh team member's reservations. Attempt to set more flexible deadlines for your team's projects so that delays can be accommodated. Explain to your team the benefits for both the group and their own careers of building a diverse range of job skills. Work with management to create an incentive program that would promote cross-training across job responsibilities.

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