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4. Logical Fallacies Good logic often sounds good-that is, it often seems to make sense. Unfortunately, bad logic often sounds good as well. In order to distinguish good logic from bad logic, it is important to become familiar with logical fallacies, which are invalid arguments. To leam more about some of the most common logical fallacies, select the blue linis in the following interactive table. Common Types of Fallacies Ad hominem Post hoc, ergo propter hoc Bandwagon Hasty generalization Select a category to begin. Slippery slope Either/or

Directions: Use the dropdown menus to indicate the types of logical failacies that are present in the foriwing laule. Example of Faulty Logic Type of Fallacy After a priest administers last rites to an ill patient, the patient typically dies. We should take action to ban the administration of last rites before this tradition harms more peoplel All of Chad's neighbors drive hybrid electric vehicles. Therefore, Chad should buy a hybrid electric car, too. My father said that high student loan debt can make life after college very challenging-but how would he know? He graduated from college without any debt whatsoever. In his campaign speech, the nominee told the audience that we can either vote for him or vote for four years of economy-ruining tax increases. A teenager sideswiped my car. This incident proves that all teenagers are bad drivers. Alcohol is an addictive drug, and people who drink inevitably go on to become alcoholics and die of liver disease, dementia, or brain damage.

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