According to Tom Brocher and the US Geological Survey, what is the cumulative likelihood of a Bay Area earthquake larger or equal to a M6.7 by the year 2043 ? Select one: a. $26 \%$ b. $22 \%$ c. $33 \%$ d. $16 \%$ e. $72 \%$ f. $6 \%$ g. $8 \%$ Based on fault trenching work, geologists can use broken soils (that geologists date in a lab using charcoal) to identify past earthquakes. What is the average duration between Hayward fault earthquakes indicated by these data? Select one: a. 140 years b. 150 years c. 100 years d. 160 years e. 220 years Tom Brocher emphasizes that the strand of the San Andreas Fault in the area of Hayward, CA. is Select one: a. locked b. inactive c. straining d. creeping e. elastic How long could Bay Area residents be without drinking water due to an earthquake on a strike-slip fault of the San Andreas? Select one: a. Up to 2 months b. Up to 5 months c. Up to nine months d. Up to seven months e. Up to one month f. Up to three months Which of the following hazards due to earthquake shaking should you be prepared for near the urban area of San Francisco and Oakland? Select one: a. Breaking and falling glass windows b. Crumbling and tumbling buildings and chimneys c. Gas leaks and fires due to broken gas lines d. Little to no water supply due to severed water pipes and aqueducts the bring water to the Bay Area e. All of these f. None of these

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