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ACTIVITY 3.5: Uppercase Create a program that will accept an input string. Display the same string in all capital form. EXAMPLE PROGRAM OUTPUT: Enter some string: all friend story All Friend Story Enter some string: ALL FRIEND STORY All Friend Story Page 6 of 8 Enter some string: aLL FRIEND StOrY All Friend Story ACTIVITY 3.6: Strings to words Create a program that will ask the user to enter some string. The program will split the string in to word and display in reverse vertical order. EXAMPLE PROGRAM OUTPUT: Enter a string: one two three four four three two one \[ \begin{array}{l} \text { Enter a string: the man with a dog } \\ \text { dog } \\ \text { a } \\ \text { mith } \\ \text { man } \\ \text { the } \end{array} \]

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