Adjusting Entries - II provide the adjusting journal entries at year-end 2019 for the following independent situations using the perspective of the business (assume calendar year). 1. On March 1, 2019 , Xylophone Tutorials borrowed money from Metrobank to be used in business, and issued an interest-bearing note for the P285,000. The bank loan is payable after three years with an annual interest of $15 \%$. 2. Guitar Café received the following bills covering the month of December 2019 on January 3,2020: advertising of $P 19,800$, repairs of $P 2,000$, and utilities of $P 4,860$. 3. Harp beauty Shop pays salaries for the first half of the month every 25 th day of the current month and the second half every 10 th day of the succeeding month. The salaries for the second half of December 2019 amounted to $P 35,000$. 4. Drumstick Chickens rendered catering services last December 15, 2019. The contract price amounted to P75,000. Since no payment had been received yet, Drumstick did not make any journal entry last December 15 , 2019. 5. On May 1, 2019, Piano Services received a P $450,000,9 \%$ note for selling equipment not being used anymore in the business. The note will be payable in two years.

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