Answer the following:

a. A 500 HP 600 V compound motor operates at a speed of 495 rpm at full-load. If the flux per pole is 9.1 x 10^6 maxwells and the armature resistance is 0.015 ohm. Calculates: (a) the counter emf (b) the armature current. ( Assume a value of k = 1.3 x 10^-7, brush drops of 5 volts , and Rs = 0 ohm)

b. A 10 HP, 1750 rpm, 550 V shunt motor has an armature resistance of 1.55 ohms. If the armature takes 14.8 amperes at full-load . Calculate: (a) the counter emf developed by the motor in watts and in horsepower. (Assume a 5 –volt brush drops)

c. Ms. Lesley Anne Enriquez Menor is in need of DC Shunt Motor who can run at a speed of 5 rpm so that her antenna could receive signal from other location. She proceeded immediately to Gandara Ginondo to look for this kind of motor and she found one with the following characteristics:

VA = 9 V

Speed = 5 rpm

IL = 3 mA

RA = 0.0003 ohm

RF = 4500 ohms

With this she wanted to determine the torque of the motor in order for her to find a material suited to brace her antenna and her DC Shunt motor.

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