Answer the following questions.

1. Why is controlling a very important management function?

2. What is controlling? Is it applicable to the day-to-day activities of the engineer manager?

3. Compare and contrast the three distinct types of control

4. What are policies? In what ways do their facilitate control?

5. Do you consider “idle facilities or personnel” as a symptom of inadequate control? Why or why not?

6. Controlling is one of the main functions of management which next to planning, directing, and organizing. It so important because it complements the other functions of management. Controlling is aimed at determining whether objectives were realized or not, and if not, by providing means for achievement. For this activity, list down the control activities that may be useful to any of the following:

  1. the installation of a powerplant
  2. the manufacture of a microchip
  3. the manufacture of tricycle

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