Case 11.1

Orthotics Ease Pain in Consumer Segments

Want to “improve your posture, align your balance and live your life?” That’s the ad campaign for SOLS, a $3 million company that makes custom 3D-printed orthotics, a custom-made insert or footbed placed in a shoe. As a child, founder Kegan Schouwenburg said she was flat footed, and her goal is to bring orthotics out of the closet and to a mainstream (and segmented) audience.

Based in New York City, SOLS is well aware that the market for orthotics users is diverse. Its segmentation strategy includes a variety of users across age and lifestyle demographics. Users of orthotics usually face health and medical issues related to diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. In addition, another market segment includes athletes and runners.

In the past, orthotics were sold primarily through foot doctors (podiatrists), who made a plastic cast of the patient’s foot before crafting a pair of inserts. With SOLS, customers, many of whom happen to be runners, can realize quick foot comfort through an iPad app. Using 3D printing technology, each pair of orthotics is custom made with thinner, more flexible, and better-fitting materials than traditional orthotics.

1. Dr. Scholl’s, a famous packaged foot care brand, has installed “foot mapping kiosks” at major retailers. Compare the Dr. Scholl’s user to the SOLs user. How might they differ?

2. What other market segments should SOLS target?

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