Case Study 1 Ron manages a small restaurant with one computer on which were the accounts of the business, payroll, and all business correspondence. It failed and had to be replaced. As Ron had all the necessary software it was simply a matter of installing the software and then copying the data on to the system. Ron was not sure where the software was located. He had a box of disks, but these had been collected and retained for all the computers over the last ten years. Finally, the correct collection was identified but all the serial numbers and registration details were in emails on his computer, the computer that would not start. Ron decided to go to a friend's place and look at the email there and get all the details. This took a few hours and he finally returned and started the install. Unfortunately, there were several programs that were controlled by web access and the passwords had been stored in the computer. He had to email them and get a response. Luckily, he now had access to email as he had to spend a long time going back over details to get account numbers and log in name to prove that he could have the passwords. Finally, after three days, he had a fully operational computer. Work task: In the following case study, make a list of the issues that show poor procedures in the management of business tools.

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