Cosmetik L.C. is a company dedicated to the production and sale of cosmetic products. He has been in the market for more than 20 years, he was born in a small town in Alicante (Spain), and now he sells in Spain, France, Italy and Holland.

In the last two years, the company has suffered a decrease in sales in the Spanish market, specifically, the previous year did not reach the targets set. This fact has triggered all the alarms in the Executive Management Board, and they have been put in place to prepare an action plan with urgent measures.

As part of this action plan, a new Sales Manager was hired, and the first step he adopted was to form a new team of salesmen, some veterans of the company and other new hires.

As a Recruiter, you have been awarded the project to hire a commercial that must operate in Spanish and French territory. The mission of this is; carry out the promotion, sale and distribution of products or services of the company, according to the guidelines of the Commercial Management, maintaining and increasing the client portfolio.


Since it is a fictitious case, you can add information that you consider necessary to be able to solve it, as long as it is coherent with the situation and with what we ask in the statement. To carry out the selection process, you must follow the following steps

1.Analysis Phase: develops the process analysis phase following the steps indicated in Module 2;

a. Evaluate the selection needs of Cosmetik L.C.

b. Analysis, job description and data collection.

2. Formulate 3 Curriculum Vitae

3.Application Phase:

a. Recruitment of candidates.

b. Shortlisting CVs.

c. Setting up the interview: explain how you would make these calls to the two candidates.

d. Application of tests.

e. Plan a job interview:

- i. Define the objectives of the interview.

- ii. Plan the physical space.

- iii. Plan the content of the interview according to the profile created (design a summary script of the points to be treated).

4. Evaluation and integration phase: you must decide which candidate is the best candidate for the position.

5.Integration of new employees process: Design a welcome plan

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