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Directions: Answer the following questions substantially. Indicate your references. Part I. Learning Activity 1. What are the basic requirements in owning a clinical laboratory in the Philippines? Discuss the steps in securing a license certificate and revoking a license to operate 2. Can more than 2 clinical laboratories be allowed to operate within close vicinity? Justify. 3. What are the requirements in converting a clinical laboratory into a training ground for internship or externship? 4. What is the role of CHED in the operation of a training clinical laboratory? Is the approval of the $\mathrm{DOH}$ needed in order to operate a training laboratory? Part II. Case Commentary A small clinical laboratory was established sometime in 1969. The said laboratory was accredited as Level 1 and was ISO certified. However, the laboratory as closed in 1979 due to insolvency. A year after the declaration of insolvency, the right to operate was given to the receiver. There was a totally new hiring of medical technologists during the period of receivership 1. What is the concept of receivership? 2. Is it legal to change the employees? 3. Who has jurisdiction over the case?

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