Directions: Answer the following questions substantially. Indicate your references.
Part I. Learning Activity
1. Discuss the procedure of formulation and implementation of R.A. 9288. Is there any penalty for violating the provisions of this Act?
2. What is the rationale and principle behind the newborn screening test?
3. What other laboratory services can be used as screening procedures for newborn infants? What other specimen samples can be used for newborn screening?
Part II. Case Commentary
Ms. Everything is a parent who refuses to have her baby undergo a newborn screening test because of religious and superstitious beliefs.
After 5 years, the baby manifests the signs of mental retardation and failure to speak. Ms. Everything went back to the hospital where she delivered her baby. The hospital provided her with the medical record of her baby.
1. Is it justified for her to blame the hospital for not doing the newborn screening procedure for her baby?
2. Will her case against the hospital staff and owner prosper, if she filed one?

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