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EXAMPLE PROBLEMS: 1. The noise figure of the first circuit in tandem connection is $10.5 \mathrm{~dB}$ while its power gain is 15. What is the over-all noise figure if the second circuit has a noise figure of $11 d B$ ? 2. For an electronic device operating at a temperature of $17^{\circ} \mathrm{C}$ with a bandwidth of $10 \mathrm{kHz}$, determine: a. Thermal noise power in watts and $\mathrm{dBm}$. b. Rms noise voltage for a $100 \Omega$ internal resistance. 3. Two resistors, $20 \mathrm{k} \Omega$ and $50 \mathrm{k} \Omega$ are at ambient temperature. Calculate for a bandwidth equal to $100 \mathrm{kHz}$, the thermal noise voltage for the two resistors connected in parallel.

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