For the past few days you have been creating a report which summarises the app features and implementation plans. You have a strict deadline for completing the report in three days' time, and you need to spend the next day working on the most challenging part. You estimate that you should finish the whole report one day before the deadline. What do you do? Please RANK the responses from 1-5 by clicking and dragging the 3 lines, with 1 being what you would most likely do and 5 being what you would least likely do: 1 2 3 4 5 You identify ways that you can contribute further to your report. Being proactive and using your initiative comes naturally to you. You ask a colleague to read your report and see if you need to change anything. You want to be focused in choosing where to spend your time. You catch up on your emails and review the work you have done on the report. This will help you give your next task your full attention. You ask one of your colleagues for their opinion on how you should use the rest of your time. You think it is useful to seek guidance in situations like this. You spend some time thinking about if there is anything else you can do. You want to take some ownership before asking others. B Aundefined

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