Green is a professional engineer who is employed on a full‐time basis by MajorEng. a large engineering firm. However, for a number of reasons, Green is unhappy and for some time has been thinking about looking for a new job. Although Green's current employment at MajorEng provides good pay and interesting work, Green is finding it difficult to work with Potent P.Eng. who is Green's supervisor at MajorEng. Since joining MajorEng a year ago, Potent has frequently made derogatory jokes and remarks about Green's race and religion ‐ sometimes even in meetings with other engineers and clients. On many occasions, Green has informed Potent that such remarks are offensive, hurtful and inappropriate and has asked Potent to stop. Potent refuses to do so and says that Green should "toughen up and learn to take a joke" if Green expects to have a successful career at MajorEng. Recently Green met with a P.Eng. colleague who is a Vice President at EngCo, another engineering company. Upon hearing that Green was interested in considering other opportunities, the colleague offered Green a part‐time job to work in the evenings and on weekends on a trial basis as an engineer for EngCo. Green would work under the colleague's direct supervision who would take responsibility for the work. In a few months, if Green preferred working at EngCo, Green would resign from MajorEng and become a fulltime employee of EngCo. Use the Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct as your guides

(a) Comment on and discuss Potent's conduct with respect to regulation 941

(b) In relation to the regulation of the practice of professional engineering what should Green consider doing about Potent's conduct?

(c) Specify and explain the requirements, if any, that Green must satisfy in order to properly undertake such part‐time employment with EngCo?

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