Honda Motor Corporation of Japan is a leading international manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and personal watercraft. As a Japanese company, it follows Japanese GAAP and reports its financial statements in billions of yen (the sign for yen is $¥$ ). A simplified version of its recent balance sheet contained the following items (in billions). Cash and cash equivalents Common stock Accounts payable and other current liabilities Inventories Investments Long-term debt Net property, plant, and equipment Other assets Other liabilities Retained earnings Total assets \[ \begin{array}{r} 72,106 \\ 231 \\ 5,429 \\ 1,364 \\ 597 \\ 4,022 \\ 3,200 \\ 8,606 \\ 1,938 \\ 7,338 \\ 18,958 \end{array} \] Total liabilities and stockholders' equity Trade accounts, notes, and other receivables 3,085 Prepare a balance sheet as of March 31, current year, solving for the missing amount. (Enter your onswers in billions.)

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