Imagine that you're a marketing executive for a consumer products company that is considering its options to go global by entering the Asian market. After conducting extensive research, you have determined that globalization is the logical next step for your company. You have been tasked with presenting your findings/recommendations about moving forward to the company’s CEO. As part of your analysis, please address the following:

  1. How does a company become global—specifically, what are the various stages of globalization?
  2. What does your company need to do to realize the full potential of globalization?
  3. Identify and describe the key success factors your company would need to accomplish in order to enter the Asian marketplaces—especially the large and fast-growing Chinese market.
  4. Although the market entry method is one of several factors that could influence success in the Chinese market, describe what entry mode you would recommend instead to help ensure the highest probability of a successful entry into the Chinese market.

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