In this module, we learned about the historical management perspectives and how they relate to current management practice. For example, the operations management techniques related to efficient production and service originated during World War II are still utilized by managers today. The purpose of this assignment is to determine your current approach to management and how it could be improved by adopting historical and contemporary management perspectives.

In order to make this determination and decide how you would utilize historical and contemporary perspectives to improve weak areas, complete the following:

  1. Based on your review of the basic management functions and fundamental management skills discussed in this module, describe the most effective management practices that an ideal manager would exhibit. You could use yourself as an example if you have management experience, a manager who you have worked for, or a manager who you would like to work for.
  1. We learned in this module we can utilize historical management perspectives to improve management practices. Select one of the management functions or skills identified in the first requirement and assume that the same manager needs improvement in this area. Describe how a classical, behavioral, and quantitative perspective would assist the manager in improving this area.
  1. We also learned in this module that contemporary management perspectives can help us to better understand historical perspectives and utilize them more effectively to improve management practices. Using the same management function or skill requiring improvement identified in the second requirement, describe how the systems and contingency perspectives would assist the same manager in improving this area.

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