Journalise the following transactions, post the same in a relevant ledger account.

June 1 Ali commenced business with Rs.20,000.

June 2 Paid into bank Rs.5,000.

June 3 Purchased Plant worth Rs.10,000 from Khan & Co.

June 4 Purchased goods worth Rs. 5,000 form Anwar.

June 6 Goods worth Rs.4,000 sold to Zeshan.

June 8 Sold goods worth Rs.2,000 for cash.

June 15 Paid rent Rs.250.

June 18 Withdrawn from a bank for office use Rs. 2,500.

June 20 Paid Salaries Rs.1,800.

June 25 Withdrawn for personal use Rs.250.

June 27 Paid for office furniture Rs.1,500 by cheque.

June 29 Paid Anwar on account Rs.4,800.

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