Manager's Hot Seat: A Sweet Strategy Strategic positioning attempts to achieve sustainable competitive advantage by preserving what is distinctive about a company. It means performing different activities from your rivals, or performing similar activities in a different way. A candy manufacturer named Sweet Tooth is facing declines in sales and executives are meeting to discuss the situation. Different strategies emerge, but the Chief Strategy Officer struggles with which one to pursue. How do you think he is handling the situation? How would you? Click the button to watch the video. Then, answer the questions that follow.
Some executives are advocating for a move to healthier food. What part of a SWOT analysis would this be most closely related to? Multiple Choice organizational culture organizational opportunities organizational weaknesses organizational strengths organizational threats
Based on the video, Sweet Tooth is pursuing a(n) strategy. Multiple Choice tactical defensive growth stability operational
Paisley recommends acquiring a vegetable chip company. Assuming that both Sweet Tooth and the vegetable chip company produce snack food, what would this acquisition be an example of? Multiple Choice defensive strategy related diversification substitution unrelated diversification vertical integration
Muhammad mentions that Sweet Tooth's customers may not have the money to purchase more expensive, unique products. Based on this perspective, what type of competitive strategy may work best if Sweet Tooth wants to target a wide market? Multiple Choice cost-leadership differentiation focused-differentiation focused-cost cost-implementation
Muhammad advocates for a completely new identity for Sweet Tooth. This would require starting from what step in the strategic-management process? Multiple Choice Assess the current reality. Formulate corporate, business, and functional strategies. Maintain strategic control. Execute the strategy. Establish the mission, vision, and values statements.

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