PART C: STRUCTURED Instruction: Answer ALL questions and write your answer in the space provided. 1. Assume you are assisting in the conduct of job analysis as an HR department representative. You have encountered several managers who want to delete certain tasks and KSAOs from the formal job description that have to do with employee safety, even though they clearly are job requirements. What would you do to handle this situation? (5 marks) 2. List FIVE (5) characteristics of high-impact organizational websites. (5 marks) 3. Many organizations have adopted a targeted recruitment strategy. For example, some organizations target workers 50 years of age and older in their recruitment efforts, which includes advertising specifically in media outlets frequented by older individuals. Other organizations target recruitment messages at women, minorities or those with the desired skills. Do you think targeted recruitment systems are fair? Why or why not? (5 marks) 4. Compare and contrast a closed internal recruitment system with an open internal recruitment system. (5 marks)

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