Ravi (Sr. Team Member): Hi! We are glad to have you on this project! Project Excite is a project to pilot test new product features. Kara has been supporting Excite for 12 months and is our project expert, but she is very busy with an unrelated launch. Kara (Sr. Team Member): Nice to meet you! You will own the project management of a new experimental feature. Let me know if there are any questions I can help with. Mark (Team Member): Hi! I have also been working on Project Excite for 2 months and feel like I am just getting up to speed. Welcome aboard!
You have just started on the Project Excite team. What are the most effective methods for gathering information to make sure you succeed early? Rate the effectiveness of each method ("1" Highly effective to "4" Ineffective). Note: Each response option can be used more than once. Shadow more senior team members Read prior documents about the project Ask your manager where to go next Ask for a senior team member to train you 4

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