Research at least three (3) new software products that assist in communications management for large projects. The articles should be published between 2016 and 2021 by credible sources. (50 points)

  1. Provide the titles and authors of the articles. (5 points)

  2. When were the articles published? Give the links to the articles. (5 points)

  3. Summarize the contents of the articles. (10 points)

  4. How can software assist in project communications? (10 points)

  5. How can software affect project communications negatively? (10 points)

  6. Which software product seems to be the most effective among the three? Explain. (10 points)

GRADING RUBRIC for items 1-3:

Criteria Performance Indicator Points
References The references for the article were from credible sources. 10
Summary Ideas and concepts were presented in an organized manner in summary. 10

GRADING RUBRIC for items 4-6:

Criteria Performance Indicator Points
Content Provided pieces of evidence, supporting details, and factual scenarios 5
Organization of ideas Expressed the points in a clear and logical arrangement of ideas 5

Please provide the correct response above from 1,2,3,4,5 and 6

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