The following transactions were selected from the records of Evergreen Company: July 12 sold merchandise to Wally Butler, who paid the $\$ 980$ purchase with cash. The goods cost Evergreen Conpany 5590 . 17 Sold merchandise to Claudio's Chair Company at a selling price of $\$ 4,980$ on terss $3 / 19$, n/3e. The goods cost. Evergreen Company $\$ 3,493$. 18 Sold merchandise to otto's ottomans at a setling price of 52,990 on terss $3 / 10$, n/36. The goods cost Evergreen Company \$1,890. 23 Received cash from Claudio's Chair Conpany for the amount due from Jut-17. 31 Received cash from otto's ottomans for the amount due from July Jut-18. Required: Compute the amount of revenue to be reported for the month ended July 31. (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.) Answer is complete but not entirely correct. Ruvenue is $8.950 .00 \%$

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