TASK 1: Holding a Meeting

Hold a 15-minute meeting using the provided agenda. As you engage in the meeting, you must stick to the agenda, monitor the time, participate in the discussion and take down notes.


The XYZ University is planning to offer a new study abroad program to all courses. The program will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in summer 2018. How can you best promote this program to students?


List five possible methods to promote the program. (5 mins.)
Identify strengths and weaknesses of each method. (5 mins.)
Vote for the three best methods. (2 mins.)
Write three action items. (3 mins.)

TASK 2: Writing the Meeting Minutes: (40 minutes)

After the 15- minute meeting, write the meeting minutes following the given guidelines. Be guided with the rubrics for grading.

Minutes of the Meeting

I. Agenda (Topics)

II. Attendees

III. Summaries of each agenda item discussed

IV. Action items (Decisions)

Person responsible


V. Adjournment

Next Meeting
Date and Time
Agenda items

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