1. This problem is to the increase in student numbers. caused lead due according 2. Many students are to work late, for example, in libraries, tutorial rooms and laboratories. oblige regarded accorded required 3. There is absolutely no evidence to that this is a viable option. require suggest hint request 4. This may be the most logical choice. will correctly adequately well 5. Some issues are problematic and should be addressed. somewhat likely anyway further 6. High temperatures and fine weather would be at this time of year. hoped awaited predicted expected 7. The survey results also indicate that a shuttle service every 20 minutes would be for students. desirable to desire desired desiring 8. A near-capacity conference venue is more desirable than a half-empty venue. absolutely adequately closely arguably 9. As a result these could be seen as being the two most options. invaluable enviable viable Iveable 10. Parking is a problem for students at the university, and finding a parking space can be virtually impossible. large major seriously important

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