Wendy's: A Plan for International Expansion by Fabrizio Di Muro. For the following questions, please provide a full detailed response concerning the case study provided

As the case explains, Wendy's has a weak track record in international expansion; however, with slow growth and fierce competition in the US fast food market, international markets provide the primary opportunity for growth for both Wendy's and its major competitors.

we will narrow the consideration down to three possibilities: South Africa, India (where Wendy's has just two restaurants at present), and Colombia.

Your Assignment

  1. Of the three countries listed above, which one do you think is the best choice for international expansion for Wendy's? Explain your reasoning. Be sure to consider a variety of factors, and to address both the advantages and disadvantages of your choice. There is not a "right" answer to this question; rather, the quality of your analysis is what matters.
  2. What challenges related to supply chain management will Wendy's face if it enters your chosen country?
  3. What challenges related to marketing will Wendy's face if it enters your chosen country? How will the company need to localize its product, pricing, distribution, and promotion strategies to address these challenges?

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