Question 9 (1 point) When giving a presentation/talk using power point slides, which of the following is acceptable with respect to the verbal presentation? Reading directly from your paper Reading directly from your note cards Reading directly from your power point slides None of the above Question 10 (1 point) Which of the following are the main elements of a PowerPoint Presentation? Text, sound and animation Text, animation and images text, images and graphs or tables text, sound and images

Question 11 (1 point) When you include text in a PowerPoint Presentation which of the following is true? All text on the slide should be in complete sentences Text should be single words or short statements that are easy to grasp Text which contains many different fonts Text should be one or more paragraphs taken from your paper Question 12 (1 point) The text on your PowerPoint Presentation slides should be every word you are going to say. True False Question 13 (1 point) Any color combination is acceptable in a PowerPoint Presentation, especially the combinations that you like the best. True False
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