Writing As one of the Directors, write a short report to the Board of Directors recommending your preferred candidate as the new Project Manager. Give reasons for your decision. Use these headings: - Introduction - Summary of shortlisted candidates - Recommendation with reasons

Manager 1 : Ruth पases Managect, Central Europe 2 selt confident, sociable -10 give dear, detaled instructions which Uwir 7 .. manuctuthr sTru? Manager 2: Eduardo Manager, Mew Business My job: - To make sure that my stagt really erioy coming to work. - I hold a lot of teem meetings, forma and intormal ey isportant to give clear goals for each member of staff. - Deasines must be magt at ali costs. I won't accept axcuses. I check all the time to make sure - Int a indos-on managar. I check all - I always try to get everysone to apree beter It's time-consuming. but that's my stye - I don't set goais. I talk to staft, and we agree on what cein tiey good listener, but then I tell people what to do. must achicue. - nel a good istenct, but dhen i tell people what to do. nem your management style and what you expect from them. I a decisive person, but if I make a mistake, I admit it. aff appraisal interviews: Every three months. I discuss my stati appraks iakeses and strengths. My strengths: Leadership, achieving targets Ay personality: A workaholic; tough, fair, ambious. I like new dialenges. - I dor't want the word decisive to deline my style, as i serter to naky decisions in a group - I'm very good at sorting out staif problems, n's the part dof ny fis that 1 enioy the most. - Dealing with international staif is no problem, as i treat eneryore as individuals. Staff appraisal interviews: Once a year. I check with all ctath exb) week to see if everything's $0 \mathrm{~K}$. My strengths: Organised, a good listener, excellent interpersenti sar My personality; Warm, underctanding - very impertant to be kas of my leam Manager 3: Kazuo Manager, Business Support Unit ro hard-working, democratic and loyal. My job: - To achieve the objectives and goals of the company. - To ensure that each person in the department understands our goals and shares in decision-making. - I believe the company is more important than the individual. It is essential never to let the company down. - Hold many meetings, no time limit. Always consult staff on al decisions. - Do not permit disagreementarguments. We want harmony at all times. - Discuss aims with the team and set realistic targets. - I work six days a week, sometimes seven. I expect staff to do the same. - People should feel ashamed if they don't meet company targets. - I want to learn how to manage multicultural groups successfully. Staff appraisal interviews: Every quarter My strengths: Organising ability, getting the job done, loyalty to the company My personality: Quiet, determined, focused on results Manager 4: Martina Manager, IT Department I'm ambitious, trusting and responsible. My job: - To organise people so that they get the work done. - I set goals, after agreement with my people. I then give them responsibility and authority to get the job done. They have to decide how to do it. Their job? To carry out my instructions - to the letter! - My priority is to make the right decisions, as quickly as possible, then get staff to put them into practice. - I use the bonus system to motivate my team. Everyone is motivated by money. Staff appraisal interviews: Once a year. To be honest, they're usually a waste of time. I want a weekly update trom each member of staff on how they're achieving their goals. My strengths: Organising, leading teams, motivating, getting the job done My personality: Tenacious, demanding, tough on the outside but soft inside! Y 1 Work in groups of four. You are Directors of S8L. Each of Watch the Case study

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