Your web design and development agency was just hired by a multimedia news company to develop a new website for disseminating their media content to the public. The company already has a basic website where they post videos, articles and blogs. However, the company needs to differentiate between free and paid content and support subscription services both for customers and for businesses who repost content to their own websites. Has an account manager. You're on the phone with the clients marketing manager to strategize about some of the plan website features and capabilities. Client: "In the news business. There's a lot of ebb and flow to our website traffic. A crisis happens or there's bad weather on the way, or an upcoming election -these things bring a lot of extra traffic to our site. How you how will you build the new site to handle these variations? You: "We can host web servers in the cloud using the scalable server group. That will automatically increase or decrease the amount of resources running your website. It adjusts automatically with no service outage and also minimizes your costs." (A) Upgraded. (B) High capacity. (C) scalable. (D) Managed.

Question 6 10 Points Client. "Our customers will need to be able to submit payment information for their subscriptions. How can we make sure their information is safe as it's coming into our websites?" You. "We incorporate TLS to encrypt communications between users and web servers." (A) TLS. (B) $\mathrm{SSL}$ (C) $\mathrm{CA}$ (D) PCO

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