Spring Time, a maker of air fresheners, bought advertising space on a billboard near a busy sidewalk. On the first day the ad was up, 9,000 people, some in cars and some on foot, passed the billboard. On average they passed it $\mathbf{2 . 5}$ times. Over the month the billboard will be devoted to Spring Time, it is expected to deliver a total of $\mathbf{3 4 9 , 0 0 0}$ impressions at a cost of $\mathbf{\$ 8 , 7 0 0}$. During the same month, Spring Time is also investing in $\mathbf{3 0}$ daily TV spots on home improvement cable shows at a total cost of $\$ 18,000$ that are expected to deliver $\mathbf{2 0 2 , 0 0 0}$ impressions. What will be the monthly CPM for Spring Time considering both the billboard and TV campaigns?

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