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CLO 5 - You must answer these three sub-questions 5.1 Safety and Quality in healthcare should be “driven by information”. Discuss this statement in the context of Antibiotic Stewardship and increasing patient safety in the healthcare environment. (250 words, 20 marks) 5.2 The Victorian Government has recently mandated COVID vaccination for anyone working in healthcare services. Discuss this mandate from two different ethical perspectives. (125 words, 10 marks) 5.3 Anna is a 76-year-old widow who is receiving care in your rehabilitation ward after suffering a stroke that has left her paralysed down her right side. With some speech pathology support, Anna is able to answer simple “yes” and “no” questions and can write some words with her left hand. Her family believes that Anna must be protected from any emotional or psychological distress. According to Anna’s family, this belief is part of their cultural and religious background. Her family is expressing their love and respect by shielding her from the true news about her poor prognosis. At the family’s insistence, Anna’s doctor requests a physiotherapy assessment to determine her ability to participate in rehabilitation therapy, with the goal of helping her to walk again. During her assessment of Anna, the physiotherapist realizes that Anna has little or no understanding of the true state of her health. Anna says that she is only resting after the stroke and says that she is looking forward to going home, sleeping in her own bed and working in the garden. The physiotherapist does not believe that this will be possible, and Anna will probably need to be admitted to an Aged Care Facility or live with one of her children in a modified house. The physiotherapist feels very distressed that this patient has little or no understanding of the gravity of her condition and the implications this has for her future health challenges and appropriate care options. The physiotherapist approaches you as the Nursing Unit Manager. You realise that you have an ethical issue to think about. State the decision you would make in this case and justify your decision using two of the following five approaches to ethical decision making. (125 words, 10 marks)

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